What We Do

D3 provides clients with scientifically rigorous research designs. We collect the highest quality data in the most challenging international environments. We interpret results that empower our clients to make evidence-based decisions.

D3 has built the staff and has the global experience to manage each phase of a research project cycle from inception to final analysis, depending on client needs. Our team of social scientists, regional experts and statisticians is well versed in instrument design to achieve specified research objectives for a wide variety of projects, including focus groups, surveys, panel studies, public opinion polling, media monitoring, and in-depth interviews. We train and provide on-site quality control over local field teams who are responsible for collecting either face-to-face data (increasingly with tablets to provide both real-time data capture and enhanced quality control) , or over-the-phone data through national and cross-border regional CATI centers. Our analysts then use proprietary software to assess data quality and analyze the results with a variety of tools (SPSS, STATA, R). Finally, our in-house team of statisticians can apply complex weighting, advanced statistical modeling, and multi-variate techniques so that clients can evaluate un-biased, evidence-based data and make informed decisions. Designs, Data, Decisions – that’s what D3 brings to you.